Boy, 13, who planned US synagogue mass shooting ordered to write book report

Boy, 13, who planned US synagogue mass shooting ordered to write book report

A 13-year-old Ohio boy who pleaded guilty on Friday to planning a mass shooting at a synagogue was sentenced to a year of probation and must write a book report about a World War IIdiplomat who saved Jews, according to court records. The boy was arrested in September after creating a detailed plan to carry out an attack at the Temple Israel in Canton, Ohio, according to a complaint from an official with the Stark County Sheriff’s office.Judge Jim James sentenced the boy to a year of probation and ordered that he submit a book report to the probation department about Carl Lutz, a Swiss diplomat who saved thousands of Jews in Hungary from the Nazis, according to the record of the hearing. The judge also ordered that the boy have no unsupervised use of the Internet and continue with counselling.

Brazilian geese become jail guards

Waddling around the perimeter of a prison in Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina, geese have edged out their canine predecessors on patrols to make sure inmates do not escape. Between breaks in their on-site pond, the honking birds, dubbed “geese agents”, patrol a green space between the prison’s inside fence and main outer wall. Piu-Piu heads the small flock, leading fellow geese in their oversight of the premises. When officers call his name, he emits a distinctive honk. Prison director Marcos Roberto de Souza said tending the flock of geese is more affordable than raising dogs.

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