‘He’s incompetent and unprofessional’: Canada opposition leader blasts PM Justin Trudeau amid row with India

‘He’s incompetent and unprofessional’: Canada opposition leader blasts PM Justin Trudeau amid row with India

NEW DELHI: Canada’s opposition leader Pierre Poilievre has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau amid the country’s diplomatic row with India and said that he will re-establish Ottawa’s “professional relationship” with New Delhi.
Poilievre, who is also the leader of the Conservative Party, denounced the “aggression shown” towards Indian diplomats based in Canada and the rising incidents of hate crimes in the country.
He made these comments amid strained relations between India and Canada, stemming from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s allegations that Indian agents were involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Nijjar.
During an interview with Namaste Radio Toronto, a Nepalese media outlet, Poilievre emphasized, “We need a professional relationship with the Indian government. India is the largest democracy on Earth. It’s fine to have our disagreements and hold each other accountable but we have to have a professional relationship and that is what I will restore when I’m Prime Minister of this country.”

‘Trudeau incompetent and unprofessional’

Speaking about the expulsion of 41 Canadian diplomats from India, Poilievre said” “This is another example of how Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost after eight long years of being in power, adding that he has turned Canadians against each other at home and blown up relations abroad.”
He blamed Trudeau for the expulsion of Canadian diplomats from India and called the Canadian PM “incompetent and unprofessional”.
He also pointed out that Canada is currently having major conflicts with nearly all of the world’s major powers.
He further said that Trudeau is considered a “laughing stock in India”.
The Canadian opposition leader also strongly criticized the recent pro-Khalistan car rallies held in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver outside India’s missions.
“Conservatives share the Hindu values of faith, family and freedom. Freedom includes the ability of worship without fear or without vandalisation and I strongly condemn all the attacks on Hindu mandirs, threats against Hindu leaders, the aggression shown to, for example, Indian diplomats at public events is totally unacceptable,” he said.
In his stance against Hinduphobia, Poilievre asserted, “I will continue to oppose it and I think there should be criminal charges laid against anyone who attacks either the property or people at Hindu mandirs just like anywhere else.”
The most recent polls indicate that Poilievre is the preferred candidate to become the next prime minister of Canada, with his party holding a substantial lead of more than 10 per cent points over the incumbent Liberal Party.
This puts his party in a position that could potentially lead to a majority government in the next elections.

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